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Dance, DANCE because dancing is... (video)

Jen B., Dhr. Seven, Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly; JVM; Jared; FOB

1920s' Hot Hot Hot Dance
Shiva-Shakti (Parvati) dance of destruction
The 1920s were the source of many of today's popular dance styles such as the Foxtrot, Quickstep, and Charleston. There was polite "white dance" and some very hot black-and-white dance. Most of the early jazz records are marked Foxtrot. In fact, the Fast Foxtrot became the Quickstep, and the slower version retained the name Foxtrot. The Charleston was a major development, along with the Blackbottom. Jazz dance is a classification shared by a broad range of dance styles. Before the 1950s, jazz dance referred to dance styles that originated from African American vernacular dance. What is jazz dance?
Innovative jerks Fall Out Boy produced a masterpiece song and video.
Who needs traditional dancing/surfing when we have hobo humping slobo chaos from Whale?

Jared and friends are stup'
...efying. Oh, to laugh, hurl, donate, or smash our screens!?
Metal Core-tet "Dance, Dance" (F.O.B. cover)
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(JB) Abysmal failure Lady Gaga once had something to say: Just Dance!

I'm enlightened! I'm enlightened! (Alana Greene)

Alana Greene, Oct. 30, 2016; Editors, Wisdom Quarterly

Spiritual Awakening: WTF is happening to me? Part 1
This is a video about my awakening and what I have experienced so far along my own personal journey [to enlightenment]. I hope this video can help out anyone going through this same thing. I apologize that it's a little longer than I intended. I just really wanted to speak from the heart. You're not alone. I love you [well not all of you, but some of you, not the WQ trolls or people like that].
- Blessings, XO

Forgotten BLACK presidents before Obama

Fookembug, Dec. 1, 2008; Seth Auberon, Sheldon S., Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

 Seven black presidents before Obama
We enslaved and wiped out the indigenous.
Were there black U.S. presidents before half-black Obama? We the People were taught that Barack Hussein "Barry" Soetoro Obama was the first "black" president of the United States.We were taught wrong, and it could hardly be an accident that we were not taught about the previous men of distinction being black. Remember, in our very racist country, qualifying as black used to take as little as 1/16th part, while many believed in their heart that "one drop" was too much black to call oneself "white." Some of the indigenous people of the Americas were black (aboriginal, African-descended, and others) in addition to the red and brown people living here.

Suppressed and forgotten history
If only Jesus had been Republican
1. John Hanson (a Moor) was actually the first president of the United States. He served from 1781-1782, and he was black. [Moors are Northern Africans who moved into parts of Spain and may have taken over parts of Europe in what are now called the "Dark Ages," a terrible secret we have covered.]

Our new country was actually formed on March 1, 1781 [some say a later date therefore explaining how anyone before that date could not properly speaking be called a "president" because this stolen land could not let properly speaking be called the USA] with the adoption of the Articles of Confederation. This document was actually proposed on June 11, 1776 but not agreed upon by Congress until November 15, 1777. Maryland refused to sign this document until Virginia and New York ceded their western lands. (Maryland was afraid that these states would gain too much power in the new government from such large amounts of land).
Many Native Americans were also black.
Once the signing took place in 1781, a president [not a king who decides but one who presides over the elected representatives of the alleged deciders, i.e., the people] was needed to run the country.

John Hanson was chosen unanimously by Congress, which included George Washington. In fact, all the other potential candidates refused to run against him, as he was a major player in the revolution and an extremely influential member of Congress.
I can't believe the history we were not taught.
As president, Hanson ordered all foreign troops off American soil, as well as the removal of all foreign flags. He established the Great Seal of the United States, which all presidents have since been required to use on all official documents. He declared that the 4th Thursday of every November would be "Thanksgiving Day," which continues today. Although elected, one variable that was never thought through was that America was not going to accept a black president during the heart of the chattel slave period. Enter George Washington.
I had a black lover in the White House.
2. Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States. He served from 1801-1809, and he was black. His mother a half-breed Indian squaw, and his father a mulatto (half white and half black) from Virginia.

He fathered numerous children with Sally Hemmings, a mulatto slave with whom he lived with in Europe.
UK less prejudiced than US?
3. Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States. He served from 1829-1837, and he was black. His mother was a white woman from Ireland who had Andrew Jackson with a black man. His father’s other children (Andrew Jackson’s stepbrother) was sold into slavery.
4. Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States. He served from 1861-1865, and he was black. His mother was from an African tribe in Ethiopia, and his father was an African-American.

Free the slaves. Black Lives Matter.
It  is said that his father was Thomas Lincoln. But this is said to cover the truth. However, this man was sterile from childhood mumps, and he was later castrated, making it impossible for him to have been President Lincoln's father. Lincoln’s nickname was “Abraham Africa-nus the First.”
5. Warren Harding was the twenty-eight president of the United States. He served from 1921-1923, and he was black. Harding never denied his ancestry. When Republican leaders called on Harding to deny his “negro” history, he said: “How should I know whether or not one of my ancestors might have jumped the fence?”
Pres. Trump loves black girls but not women.
6. Calvin Coolidge was the twenty-ninth president of the United States. He served from 1923-1929, and he was black. He proudly admitted that his mother was dark but claimed it was because of a mixed Indian ancestry. His mother’s maiden name was “Moor.” In Europe the name “Moor” was given to all black people just as in America the name “negro” was used.
7. Dwight E. Eisenhower was the thirty-third president of the United States. He served from 1953-1961, and he was black. His mother, Ida Elizabeth Stover Eisenhower, an anti-war advocate, was half black.
The USA has survived and even thrived through our first seven black presidents. We will survive and possibly thrive through the election of half-black (possibly all Nigerian) B.S. Obama, but the orange one is likely to take us out.

Ultimate Expedition: Travel to Peru (video)

Ultimate Expedition (Dudesons 2018); Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

We’ve All Got A Screw Loose
Ultimate Expedition (S1 • E1), YouTube Red Originals (free episode), partner rating TV14
Nine strangers travel to Huaraz, Peru, to face the biggest challenge of their lives, the 20,000-foot Mt. Tocllaraju. But first they must acclimate to high elevation or the expedition will be over before it can even begin. For those outside of the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, and South Korea, click here for more details on availability in those countries.

Mount Tocllaraju's highest peak as viewed from Refugio Ishinca (

Possibly the greatest mystery place in the world, certainly in Peru: Gate of the Gods

Another planned mass shooting in FL (MK Ultra); Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Students at Florida school shooting report "crisis drills" and multiple shooters
Several students at Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, report that they were in the middle of a drill -- a classic sign of a false flag operation -- and that there were multiple shooters, which means it was planned with a pre-arranged patsy/fall guy in an autistic SSRI user who can't defend himself against the allegations. This was definitely a classic false flag operation. It mirrors what took place at Sandy Hook. Crowd funding makes these Jake Morphonios investigations possible via

Gruff, grueling, goofy Alex Jones gets some good sources of information

    Roger Stone tells Jones Sheriff Scott Israel will not cover this one up
    Trauma, high school drama, crying Kimmel

    Friday, February 16, 2018

    Happy Chinese New Year! (Feb. 16-March 9)

    The Sun (; CC Liu, Crystal Quintero, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

    Chinese civilization is now at least 4715 years old, when the first Chinese king ruled.
    We celebrate for two weeks, so you have time.
    Happy Chinese New Year! One of the world's most colorful and exuberant events is here and is triggering celebrations across the map.
    Unlike Western New Year festivities, which always take place at midnight between December 31 and January 1, Chinese New Year varies each year. Here's all the information.
    When is Chinese New Year 2018?
     In 2018, Chinese New Year falls on February 16
    2018 is the "Year of the Dog"
    The 2018 Chinese New Year began on Friday, Feb. 16, and celebrations will last for over two weeks.

    If you fancy taking a trip [to Mars on Earth] for the festivities, read this guide to China first.

    Chinese New Year takes place on a different date each year because it is based on the lunar calendar. New Year's Day normally falls between January 21 and February 20.

    Does Chinese civilization come from Ancient Egypt? Or do both come from Mars?
    How is Chinese New Year celebrated?
    It's not just Chinese but all of Asia.
    The global celebrations are an explosion of light and sound, involving bell ringing, lighting firecrackers [to frighten away frightening spirits], and watching traditional lion dances.
    Chinese families gather together for a reunion dinner on New Year's Eve and clean their houses to sweep away bad fortune on New Year's Day.
    • [WARNING! There are many Chinese superstitions on what to do and what to avoid at this important time of year. Clean on the right day...]
     Chinese women celebrating the New Year in Glasgow in 2016
    Be lucky. Be superstitious. Be faux-Chinese.
    Traditionally, kids would be given red envelopes stuffed with "lucky money" and positive wishes on New Year's Day.
    Some teens now have red envelope apps, so their relatives can transfer cash digitally.

    Which animal represents 2018?
     A street celebration in Ankang, Shaanxi Province of China
    Streets of Ankang, Shaanxi Province, China
    2018 is the Year of the Dog. The Chinese zodiac moves in a 12-year cycle, and those born in 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, and 2018 are also known as Dogs. This could be your lucky year!
    According to Asian astrology, our year of birth -- and the animal this represents -- determines a lot about our personality traits.
    Dragons are good in China like Quetzalcoatl
    Although each of the 12 animals gets an outing every dozen years, there are different varieties -- and 2018 will be the first Year of the Earth Dog since 1958.
    Anyone born in an Earth Dog year will be communicative, serious, and responsible in the workplace.

    Hey, baby, what's your sign? - By which zodiac? - Chinese. - I'm a Dog, and you? - Dragon.
    Let's look at the Chinese zodiac for some ancient astrology for guidance from the stars. Or not.
    Which Chinese zodiac animal am I?
    Remember our sacred Buddhist traditions.
    The Chinese animal zodiac or shengxiao, which means "born resembling," are arranged in a repeating cycle of 12 years.
    The animal changes at the beginning of the Chinese New Year, and traditionally these animals were used to date the years.
    However, Chinese New Year is a movable celebration, dictated by the lunar cycle... More

    Native American Buddhist Spirituality (live)

    Ananda M. (Dharma Meditation Initiative, Los Angeles), Jen, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly

    Buddhism arrived in the Americas long before Spanish Catholicism and British Christianity.

    So when Buddhism returned, it had a natural affinity for Native American traditions particularly of the Southwest and Mexico (Mesoamerica).

    Our history of Buddhist contact was wiped from memory by centuries of European colonialism, but the core shamanic worldview remained.

    FREE LIVE EVENT: L.A., Feb. 22, 2018, 6:30pm
    Dharma Meditation Initiative, Los Angeles - Pasa Dharma - Dharma Punx Valley
    On Thursday we will talk with a local Kizh/Tongva (Los Angeles' pre-Columbus tribe) American Indian Buddhist, smudge with sage, use essential oils and crystals, talk about the world's largest pyramid (which is not in Egypt but in the Americas, in Cholula, Mexico), and complete the loop of the circle.

    Sasquatches in Lake Arrowhead, CA (video)

    Investigative Reporter (ABC News,
    This is the "Bigfoot" Native Americans called a Sasquatch and countless other names.
    Ackley was hiking a trail in Blue Jay [near Lake Arrowhead] with her two daughters on March 17, 2017, between 6:30 and 7:00 pm. She said her daughters noticed it first.

    "They're [my daughters are] standing right there frozen looking at something," Ackley said. She believes they were looking at [a massive] Bigfoot [creature and two smaller Sasquatches].

    "He looked like a Neanderthal man with a lot of hair," Ackley said. "About 800 pounds. I was trying to tell it to please not hurt us, and that's when he just stared at me."

    Ackley said the Sasquatch was perched in a tree, about 30 feet above the ground. She said there were two other Sasquatches nearby.

    (The Press-Enterprise, Feb. 13, 2018) Crestline woman claims she saw Sasquatch in San Bernardino Mountains. Claudia Ackley of Crestline is suing the state of California to get Sasquatch recognized as a real species.
    Note creatures' conical skulls, human faces.
    "All I'm thinking is, 'Please don't get near us because I have my children,'" she said.
    Ackley called 911, but said the authorities didn't believe her.

    "I'm sorry; you saw a bear,'" Ackley [claims the recorded 911 operator] said. "And I said no; this was no bear. I know what I saw."

    Ackley has filed a lawsuit against the State of California, as well as the California Department of Fish and Wildlife [who well know of the existence of this cryptozoological class of creatures], for refusing to [publicly] acknowledge the existence of the species. The spokesperson for the CDFW would not comment because of the pending lawsuit.

    "They're on our property. They knock on our walls. They look through our windows," Ackley said. "It's more and more and more." More + ABC VIDEO
    Science explains what "Bigfoot" are
    Lloyd Pye presentation, part of a larger more comprehensive presentation on human origins

    Sasquatch around Los Angeles?

    (Angeles Sasquatch, Sep. 25, 2017) Crestline Bigfoot? #ProjectGoAndSee. Exploring new areas of the San Bernardino Nat'l Forest, just for fun, just to go and see.

    How to "pray" - the lost science

    Gregg Braden (Isaiah Effect); AP; Pat Macpherson, Dhr. Seven (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
    How shall we pray, Lord, how shall we pray? - Read my bestseller, the chapter by Isaiah.
    This is a groundbreaking interpretative decoding of PRAYER, quantum science, and the real meaning of "prophecy."

    Only one document was discovered completely intact among the 25,000 fragments of papyrus, parchment, and hammered copper known as the Dead Sea Scrolls: the Great Isaiah Scroll.

    Nearly one thousand years older than existing copies of the Old Testament's Book of Isaiah, the 22-foot-long parchment was still rolled and sealed in its original earthen vase when it was discovered in 1946.

    Let me tell you what the Buddha taught.
    The completeness of the Isaiah Scroll offers unprecedented insight into the power of an ancient mystery -- a lost mode of prayer -- that modern science is just beginning to understand.

    Displayed today in Jerusalem's Shrine of the Book Museum, the Great Isaiah Scroll is believed to be so precious by modern scholars that it's withdrawn into a vault beneath the building's floor in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

    Men only! Jewish guys !ray to their tribal God in front of the Western [Wailing] Wall (W)
    OMG ("Oh my goodness")! I meditated and saw the light and felt the bliss!
    Let us pray, praise, and honor His feet.
    In The Isaiah Effect, a dazzling work by the author of Awakening to Zero Point and Walking Between the Worlds, scientist and visionary Gregg Braden offers a radical departure from traditional interpretations of Isaiah's text.

    Weaving state-of-the-art research with his extensive knowledge of the Ancient Essenes (the creators of the scroll texts), Braden invites us on a journey where science and miracles are merged into a new wisdom -- and lead to a startling conclusion.

    If only we had a way to influence.
    He suggests that Isaiah, the first Old Testament prophet, left precise instructions to the people of the future describing a powerful mode of prayer [of bringing into being what is desired, not by "asking" for it or petitioning God, but by doing this instead. This mode leads to the "Isaiah Effect"].
    Using principles recognized only recently in quantum physics, Braden demonstrates how Isaiah's nonreligious, nondenominational form of prayer transcends time and distance to bring healing to our bodies and peace to the nations of our modern world. More